Wall Panels & Door Protection London

As the most populated city in the UK and second largest in Europe, London has over 8.4 million inhabitants.

London’s skyline contains such diverse architecture due to the varying ages of the buildings. There’s no particular architectural trend followed from grand houses and public buildings to the Gherkin and the Shard.  

Depending on the architectural style of the building we can adapt our wall panelling and door protection products to match your interiors.

How Our Products Help You

Often used in hospitals, schools, and supermarkets our products are designed to reduce maintenance and repair costs by protecting your door and walls from damage.

By adding our products to your doors and walls your London building will keep looking fresh whilst maintaining its original look and feel.     

Our Products

Here’s a brief introduction to our product range:

Wall Panels – Our wall panels provide protection from trolleys and other moveable objects meaning you’re repainting and repair costs are reduced dramatically. Created from plastic they can be a plain colour or even a bespoke design to match your interiors. 

Hand Rails – Our handrails double up as protection rails, providing a stylish look with a practical use which again protects your walls from scuff and scrapes.  With a wide variety of sizes available we have a handrail which will improve your London property.

Door Panels – The door panels and kick plates are the perfect product to safeguard your doors from damage. Whether its trolleys, wheelchairs or containers our door protection panels will increase the longevity of the original doors.

Door Edge Protection – Door edge protectors are commonly placed on fire doors which prevents damage to the doors and keeps them within the fires safety regulations. This means that you only need to change the protectors instead of the expensive fire doors themselves.

Bollards – Perfect for protecting valuable fridges and freezers in supermarkets, or as car park bollards to prevent cars going in certain areas.  

For more detail on our products including fixtures and fittings then get in touch or visit the product page you are interested in by searching our website.

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