Wall Panels & Door Protection Glasgow

With a population of over 600,000, Glasgow is the most popular city north of Leeds. When the industrial revolution hit Glasgow progressed into a leading centre of chemicals, textiles and engineering.

As well as being a leader within the industrial industries, Glasgow is well renowned for its historic buildings which include hospitals, cathedrals and universities.

Our wall panelling and door protection products are ideal for use in a wide variety of buildings from the southern general hospital to Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Benefits to You

  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduction in door replacement frequency
  • Improved look and stylish protection
  • Bespoke designs

Wall Protection Products

Wall Panels – often installed in hallways and corridors where heavy footfall is common our wall panels reduce damage to your walls. They’re extremely useful in areas where trolleys, carts and other moveable equipment is used as these can cause visible damage to paint and plaster, but by implementing our wall panels this will become a thing of the past.    

Hand Rails – One of our newer products is the handrail, previously our protection handrails were our only offering within the handrails section but with the introduction of our standard handrails we can now over your protection and comfort for stairs and corridors.

Door Protection Products

Door Panels – Protecting your doors from damage can increase the life expectancy considerably, which in turn reduces the amount of money spent on new doors. Our door panels and kick plates are ideal for restaurant and supermarket doors where carts are regularly wheeled through them.

Door Edge Protection – Fire doors can be an expensive outlay if they need replacing, by using our door edge protectors and fire seals your doors will remain in accordance with Fire regulations for longer.

Other Products

Bollards – Our plastic and stainless steel mounted bollards are ideal for use in supermarkets protecting expensive refrigerators and freezers from trolley damage. We also provide car park bollards which prevent vehicles from scraping the walls and corners of the car park.

For more detail on our products including fixtures and fittings then get in touch or visit the product page you are interested in by searching our website.

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