Within the retail industry appearance along with price is everything. This makes keeping your store and shop interiors in perfect condition a top priority to encourage customers to enter and make a purchase.

Taking into account the requirements of shop designers and architects across the country, Yeoman Shield has developed a range of products to suit the sleek style of the retail industry. As well as our standard stock items we can also provide bespoke protection products which can be designed and adapted to your branding.

Enhance Your Reputation

In the retail business image is everything and a clean, impressive, stylish and damage free interior coinciding with safety consideration is a paramount.

Yeoman Shield wall & door protection systems lend a hand to protecting walls and doors from unsightly damage and marks which can be caused by shopping bags, trolleys and baskets.

The scope of products range from plastic wall panels to stainless steel foot rails, all designed to protect damage to your walls and doors from trolleys, carts and clothes rails.

Protect Your Customers

Damaged doors and splintered wood work on door frame & architraves and glazing beads can lead to injury and more importantly to a fire door no longer conforming to regulations. Yeoman Shield’s fire rated door protection can offer an answer to these problems.

By installing these door protection products you can improve the life expectancy of valuable fire doors in turn saving you money on replacing them.

Point of sale counters and walls can also come in for a battering and can be protected and appearance spared with a product from our wall protection or floor mounted bollard range – not forgetting to protect those vulnerable corners.  

Having a colourful imagery design and even using helpful signage, which can be incorporated into our door protection panels or protection/handrails can add to a customer’s shopping experience.

Save Your Business Money

Back of house should not be forgotten as this is where a lot of damage can occur from heavily laden trolleys and carts. By introducing a solution consisting of rubber fenders, foot rails and bollards, your business can ensure that even the heaviest trolleys don’t cause damage to your walls and doors.

External brick work and concreate columns in loading bays and car parks can also benefit from protection from the robust rubber protection products, saving you large sums of money in structural repairs.

Why Choose Yeoman Shield

With nearly 50 years industry experience and certificates in ecologically friendly manufacturing Yeoman Shield can provide your shop or retail outlet with a protection solution that not only saves you money but looks great as well.

If you would like to know more about our products and would like to meet with an Area Sales Manager, then get in touch. They will be able to carry out a free survey and provide you with advice on the best solution for your requirements then please contact us.

To see how we have helped some retail establishments stay top of the shops read our case studies by clicking on the images.