In a healthcare environment such as Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Doctor’s surgeries, hygiene is one of the most important considerations.

Protecting a building’s interior with Yeoman Shield’s range of wall & door protection systems ensure they don’t suffer from dents and scratches which can harbour harmful bacteria.

Durable and easy to clean all Yeoman Shield products are inherently hygienic if they are properly cleaned and maintained. The PVCu materials they are manufactured from are “rigid” and therefore do not support the growth of bacteria or mould.

A typical hospital ward layout can be seen on the “Hot Spot” image below showing those areas which are easily damaged by the passage of people, equipment trolley and wheelchairs along with offering the solution to the damage with products from the Yeoman Shield wall & door protection range.

For back of house areas Yeoman Shield can also provide a range of heavy duty rubber fenders and Stainless Steel rails.

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