Harrogate District Hospital


Harrogate District Hospital has tapped into the money saving benefits of installing Yeoman Shield PVCu Clad Glazing Bead by refurbishing damaged fire doors with the innovative new product and saving the expense of purchasing brand new doors.

The Yeoman Shield hardwood PVCu Clad Door Glazing Bead is ideal for repair, refurb or overhaul having been specifically designed to replace timber glazing beads which often become damaged by everyday traffic such as trolleys.

Harrogate Hospital's Estates Officer, Stuart Hardy, said: "Yeoman Shield's installation team fitted door edge protection, half height door protection panels and glazing bead protectors to FR60 double fire doors and I'm very pleased with the end result. We are willing to pay for Yeoman Shield's products as they are a long term investment and if we'd replaced the damaged door with a new fire door it would have cost us several hundred pounds."

Repairing the original door using traditional methods was not an option as Stuart explained: "When porters are pushing trolleys and patients on beds, damage is bound to occur but touching up damaged doors with a lick of paint is not sufficient over a period of time. The original timber frame would have needed to be sanded and painted, which is time consuming, and could have resulted in the inconvenience of the ward being closed for longer."