Oxford Door & Wall Protection

Renowned for the University of Oxford and its famous architecture, Oxford is populated by over 150,000 inhabitants and is home to some large businesses including, Nominet, British Biotech and Salters Steamers.

The wall and door protection products that we supply can protect the valuable architecture of some of even the most prestigious buildings, and with our imagery protection range we can ensure that the look and feel of the buildings is kept the same.

Our product ranges can cater for organisations in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Retail
  • Leisure
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial

And for more information on each sector visit our sectors pages.

A combination of experience, expertise and high manufacturing standards means Yeoman Shield can provide products which you can rely on, including:

Handrails – whether you’re looking for a protection rail or a handrail our products keep walls free from bumps and scrapes whilst creating a valuable support aid for people who need it. Our handrails are manufactured under the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 both of which mean that your BREEAM score could be improved through the use of these products.

Fire Door Protection – More often used in hospitals our fire door protection products can save you £1000’s in replacement costs. By placing the Yeoman Shield door edge protectors and fire door seals onto your doors the life expectancy of them will increase on average by 3 years. Fire doors commonly fail checks due to the gap between the seals but our products easily solve this by providing an extra layer of protection which can be changed easily and cheaply when required.

Wall Panelling – plastic wall panelling is one of our most popular products for wall protection. These products can be designed to meet the interiors of your building meaning that even if you have an old building the new panels won’t look out of place. Similarly to the handrails our wall protection panels are manufactured under our environmental policies to reduce the carbon footprint of the product.

Door Panels – like our wall protection products are door protection products are there to prevent damage to buildings where there is heavy footfall and moveable objects and equipment. Using our range of door protection panels, kick plates and edge protectors you can be sure that your doors will outlive their recommended working life expectancy.

These products when combine provide a solution which will save you money in maintenance, repair and repainting costs on an annual basis.

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