New Colour Range


LRV - Light Reflectance Value

An LRV is a value given to a surface to denote the amount of light relfected and can be used to measure colour contrast between surfaces. These values have been determined with reference to the CIELAB colour measurement method.

The L co-ordinate represents lightness and extends from 0 (Black) to 100 (White) and has been used as a measure of light reflectance value.

NCS Colour References

NCS (Natural Colour System) is a user friendly colour language and is the only colour system that describes colour exactly as we see it. NCS is used by professionals as a tool for precise colour communication, selection and specification.

Raspberry Red
RAL 3027 (nearest)
LRV*: 12
NCS**: 2070-R
RAL 2012 (nearest)
LRV*: 33
NCS**: 1060-Y70R
BS 10 C 33 (nearest)
LRV*: 73
NCS**: 0530-Y10R
Pale Green
BS14 C 31 (nearest)
LRV*: 70
NCS**: 1010-G40Y
Sage Green
BS 14 C 35 (nearest)
LRV*: 39
NCS**: 3010-G10Y
BS 08 B 21 (nearest)
LRV*: 24
NCS**: 5005-Y50R
RAL 7046 (nearest)
LRV*: 21
NCS**: 5502-B
BS 22 B 17
LRV*: 39
NCS**: 3010-R60B
LRV*: 23
NCS**: 3040-R70B
BS 24 C 39 (nearest)
LRV*: 7
NCS**: 6030-R50B
RAL 4012 (nearest)
LRV*: 17
NCS**: 3065-R70B
Royal Blue
RAL 5017
LRV*: 11
NCS**: 3065-R90B
Trafalgar Blue
RAL 5000
LRV*: 11
NCS**: 6020-R80B
RAL 5012 (nearest)
LRV*: 19
NCS**: 3050-B


To celebrate our 50th anniversary Yeoman Shield have added 14 brilliant shades to our colour palette, giving you even greater choice!

Reflecting changes in modern design, the extra on-trend colours ensure your décor stays bang up-to-date.

Now there are 48 colours to choose from, so whether its’ education, healthcare, industry, leisure or retail, we have a comprehensive spectrum of colours to match your needs.

Ranging from soft neutrals through to vivid brights, all our colours are offered in our standard finishes which are Stippled, FalmouthEx and HessianEx and can be selected for any of our protection products.

Request your new colour card now and prepare to be amazed!