Fire Door Frames and Seals

Fire doors are expensive and repairing them can come at huge cost. The most common reason for fire doors to lose their regulatory status is for the gap between the doors to grow too large.

Fire Door Frames

The fire door frames we provide cover and protect the door edges to ensure that the doors themselves aren’t damaged by trolleys and carts being pushed through them.

As all fire doors need to be fitted with appropriate seals and where possible they should be fitted to the door frames.

Fire Door Seals

The fire door seals and frames available all meet fire door regulations, meaning adding them to your fire doors only aids the protection that your fire doors provide.

Fire door seals are designed to expand under heat filing the gaps between the door and frame which in turn limits/prevents the amount of smoke and fire to other areas of the building.

By adding the Yeoman Shield fire door seals you can save on maintenance costs such as painting, minor timber repairs and ultimately purchasing a new set of fire doors. The fire door protectors mean you don’t have to replace your fire doors, instead you just replace the fire door frames and seals keeping your doors protected and within fire regulations.

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