Glazing Beads

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Glazing Beads on doors provide door protection by being slightly raised from the door face however these are prone to becoming badly damaged.

A damaged Glazing Bead alone can render a fire door not fit for purpose.

The Yeoman Shield PVCu Clad glazing bead has been created to protect this exposed component.

Yeoman Shield Glazing Bead Protectors(P) are designed to reduce damage and expensive maintenance costs to the vision panel apertures of fire doors. They can give existing, damaged doors a new lease of life.

Glazing Bead Protectors may be fitted to new or existing fire doors, without affecting the doors fire integrity.

The Glazing Bead Protector can be installed to both new fire doors and doors in need of repair. We can tailor the refurbishment of damaged timber beads and fi re glass to your requirements by replacing just one bead, both beads or bead/s and glazing.

Fire tested to EN and BS Standard tests. Full details are available on request from our Sales Offi ce. (P) Patent Applied for.

Vinylac around a hardwood inner core
Relevant fire seals supplied


As the door thickness determines the size, Glazing Bead Protectors are made to order, although some ‘typical’ size sections are held in stock. Standard thickness is 2.0mm, although 2.5mm may also be used.

Supplied in either 2.44mm lengths or in a formed unit for fixing to half hour or one hour fi re doors, complete with the appropriate fire seals.

If supplied as a finished unit then the exact dimensions need to be provided with order.


from our standard range
Special colours available subject to quantity

2.0mm thick FalmouthEx
2.0mm thick HessianEx



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