Door panel fixing instructions

Door panel fixing instructions

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Door Panels and Plates

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Door panels, door plates, kick plates and finger plates work perfectly in tandem with the Yeoman Shield door edge protectors.

They protect the vulnerable face of the door and can be installed at either full or half height. Smaller plates can be used to protect just those areas which have a lot of wear and tear such as the middle of the door (push plate) or the bottom of the doors (kick plate area.)

Yeoman Shield’s 2.0mm door protection panels with surfaces specifically designed to conceal scratches, scuffs and marking are just the job to fit to the face of doors to help keep them in good repair and looking great.

For an added design interest plates can be shaped or can have an imagery design or signage inlaid into the door protection panel. 

Extruded Vinylac

Standard: 2500 x 1250 x 2.0mm
Smaller plates, kick plates & push plates can be cut to required size.

from our standard range
Special colours available subject to quantity   

2.0mm thick FalmouthEx
2.0mm thick HessianEx

Cutting panels to size often leaves us with stock residue material. It may be possible to meet your requirements for Push/Mid/Kick and Door Panels and Door Plates from such residue, at reduced cost.

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