clapping lath installation guide

clapping lath installation guide

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Clapping Lath

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Included in the comprehensive range of Yeoman Shield door protection products is the Clapping Lath.

The Clapping Lath was developed to cover the minute gap between the meeting of doors edges on x-ray doors. A lead lined PVCu clad attachment which prevents radioactive rays to seep through.

Fixing the Clapping Lath, which houses a lead core, so that it overlaps both door edges, stops this leaking from occurring. 


  • Vinylac around a toughened PVC core incorporating a lead strip.
  • Lead strip grade to be advised


  • Made to your required size
  • Recommended - 15 x 65 x 2100mm high
  • Standard thickness for the outer cover is either 2.0mm or 2.5mm, which is formed around an 11.0mm inner core.


  • From our standard range
  • Special colours available subject to quantity


  • 2.0mm thick FalmouthEx
  • 2.0mm thick HessianEx 

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