Corner Protection

Smart, sturdy and easy to fit, there is a type of corner protection angle in the Yeoman Shield range to suit any requirement.

Being one of the most vulnerable parts of the interior fabric of a building, wall corners suffer repeat damage caused by footfall and movement of apparatus.

Installing Yeoman Shield Ultra Corner Protection, standard corner protection or trims can eliminate the damage and the need for repetitive remedial work to the corners.

  • Corner Protectors

    Corner Protectors

    Simple yet very effective, the corner protectors from Yeoman Shield offer angles and trims that preserve wall corners from harm which can be caused by everyday traffic within industrious buildings.

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  • Ultra Corner Protectors

    Ultra Corner Protectors

    Ultra Corner Protectors are a definite for busy heavy duty areas where motorised tugs and trucks maybe in use.

    Having an Aluminium retainer running through the centre of this corner angle offers extra impact absorption properties.

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  • Corner Trims

    Corner Trims are a neat way for tidying up corner edges on walls and are more suitable for areas such as offices, meeting rooms and rest areas where the footfall is not as busy as corridors etc.

    In a smooth finish and available in a range of colours the corner trims can also add to the décor.



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  • Yeoman Shield Stainless Steel Corner Angle

    Stainless Steel Corner Protection Angles

    Yeoman Shield Stainless Steel corner protectors are ideal to be used in environments where heavier traffic such as motorised trucks and heavily laden carts are passing through.

    Easily fitted to corners in a choice of lengths Stainless Steel corner angles are robust and easily cleaned offering a long life cycle.


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