Corner Protection

As corners protrude they are susceptible to all sorts of damage. At Yeoman Shield, we specialise in corner protection solutions that reduce the need for costly building maintenance caused by repeated impact, scuffs and scrapes in areas of heavy footfall such as hospitals, warehouses, schools and stores.

Our corner protectors provide the optimum performance and offer a simple, stylish and versatile solution to building protection. Available in a range of colours and dimensions, we have a number of models to suit all budgets and requirements that will complement the design and aesthetic of your building.

Simple yet very effective this group of corner protection angles and trims are the right choice for preserving wall corners from harm which can be caused by the movement of equipment, trolleys and people. They are available in different sizes and angles to cover most corner configurations.

Corner protection products combine with our wall and door protection ranges create a full protection solution for your building. By implementing a full solution your organisation can save both time and money on building maintenance and repairs.

The combination of the Yeoman Shield products and our consultative approach will ensure that you get the best solution for your businesses and its requirements.