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LRV - Light Reflectance Value

An LRV is a value given to a surface to denote the amount of light relfected and can be used to measure colour contrast between surfaces. These values have been determined with reference to the CIELAB colour measurement method.

The L co-ordinate represents lightness and extends from 0 (Black) to 100 (White) and has been used as a measure of light reflectance value.

NCS Colour References

NCS (Natural Colour System) is a user friendly colour language and is the only colour system that describes colour exactly as we see it. NCS is used by professionals as a tool for precise colour communication, selection and specification.

Light Grey (Hx)
BS 00 A 01
LRV*: 57
NCS**: 2000-N
Mid Grey (Hx)
BS 00 A 05
LRV*: 37
NCS**: 3502-B
Dark Grey (Hx)
RAL 7015
LRV*: 12
NCS**: 7005-R80B
BS 00 E 53
LRV*: 4
NCS**: 9000-N
White (Hx)
RAL 9016
LRV*: 86
NCS**: 0500-N
Cream (Hx)
BS 10 B 15
LRV*: 79
NCS**: 0804-Y10R
BS 08 B 17
LRV*: 51
NCS**: 2010-Y40R
RAL 1001
LRV*: 36
NCS**: 3020-Y30R
BS 08 B 29
LRV*: 7
NCS**: 8005-Y80R
Pigeon Blue
BS 18 C 35
LRV*: 45
NCS**: 202-B10G
Powder Blue
BS 20 C 33
LRV*: 55
NCS**: 1515-R90B
Regatta Blue
BS 18 E 53
LRV*: 15
NCS**: 3060-B
Dark Blue (Hx)
RAL 5002
LRV*: 8
NCS**: 4055-R70B
Slate Green
LRV*: 12
NCS**: 7005-G20Y
BS 14 E 53
LRV*: 17
NCS**: 3060-G
BS 08 E 51
LRV*: 51
NCS**: 1070-Y10R
LRV*: 14
NCS**: 3060-Y80R
LRV*: 33
NCS**: 4010-Y10R
Sky Blue
LRV*: 60
NCS**: 1020-B10G
BS 04 E 53
LRV*: 15
NCS**: 1580-Y80R
BS 10 E 50
LRV*: 72
NCS**: 0550-G90Y
Dusty Grey (Hx)
RAL 7037
LRV*: 26
NCS**: 5000-N
Pink Rose
BS 04 E 49
LRV*: 71
NCS**: 0515-Y90R
LRV*: 16
NCS**: 5020-R
RAL 3003
LRV*: 9
NCS**: 3560-Y90R
RAL 4001
LRV*: 19
NCS**: 4030-R40B
RAL 4004
LRV*: 7
NCS**: 5040-R20B
Steel Blue
RAL 5011
LRV*: 6
NCS**: 7020-R80B
Aqua Blue
RAL 5018
LRV*: 26
NCS**: 3040-B40G
Pastel Blue
RAL 5024
LRV*: 20
NCS**: 4030-B
Pastel Green
RAL 6019
LRV*: 49
NCS**: 1030-G30Y
Light Green
RAL 6027
LRV*: 43
NCS**: 2030-B60G
Opal Green
RAL 6004
LRV*: 8
NCS**: 7020-B70G
LRV*: 10
NCS**: 4050-Y90R


Stippled Finish

Finish for Protection Rails, Handrails, PVCu Footrail, Strip,  Angles and Bed Head Protection.

Please see our 14 new colours 

FalmouthEx Finish
HessianEx Finish
FalmouthEx & HessianEx

Choice of two finishes for Wall and Door Panels/Plates, Rail Inserts, Door Edges and Door Frame Protection.

HessianEx is available from stock in limited colours as denoted by (Hx) Other colours are on a 4 week lead time.

Please see our 14 new colours.


Smooth Finish

Finish for Rigi, Flexi & Maxi Rail, Skirting, Door Frame Protection, Cabinet Protector, Corner Trims and Heavy Duty. (Limited colours, please contact our Sales Office)

Handrail and Footrail colour options


Although the main function of Yeoman Shield is to prevent damage to walls, doors and furniture, our products are also used as an integral element of internal décor. For this reason, we are proud to offer you a choice of 34 standard colours. Not only that, but if you are searching for a specific colour not shown on our standard list, please contact us and we will endeavour to meet your requirements (subject to order quantity). A colour swatch with surface samples is available on request.


With 50 years experience, we are aware that it is crucial for us to provide Yeoman Shield systems that can withstand continual impact, whilst disguising unsightly dents, scratches and scuffs incurred from passing traffic. With this in mind, we offer a choice of finishes:

HessianEx & FalmouthEx - a relief pattern to conceal abrasion

  • Door Panels
  • Wall Protection Panels
  • Door Edge
  • Frame & Architrave
  • Premier Protection Rail
  • Premier Handrail
  • 200 & 125 Contra Rail insert
  • Guardian Handrail insert


  • 200, 125&75 Protection Rail - stand off and flat back version
  • Ultra 60 
  • Guardian Handrail
  • 50mm dia and Guardian Twin Handrail (limited colours please see chart above)
  • PVCu Footrails (limited colours please see chart above)
  • Protection Rail
  • Corner Protection Angles
  • Ultra Corner
  • Bed Head Protector
  • Premier Protection Rail
  • Premier Handrail
  • Two tone 200 & 125 Contra Rail insert
  • Two tone Guardian Handrail insert
  • Smooth
  • Rigi,Flexi & Maxi Rail
  • Corner Protection Trims
  • Two tone 200 & 125 Contra Rail
  • Two tone Guardian Handrail

Heavy Duty

Yeoman Shield Heavy Duty products are supplied with a smooth finish in Black, although custom matching to limited colours is possible - please phone us to discuss.

Standard Colours

Yeoman Shield products are available in 48 standard colours, as shown.  HessianEx finish is held in stock for limited colours only with others having a 4 week lead time - please contact us for details.

Smooth finish is also limited colours - please refer.

Special Colours

If you are looking for a specific colour that is not shown, please contact us and we will endeavour to meet your request (subject to order quantity).

Colour shades

If you want to view the exact colours, why not request a Yeoman Shield colour swatch with surface samples?